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Keeping Britain's waterways navigable

Inland Dredging: Land & Water is currently the single-source contractor to The Canal and River Trust on their National Dredging and Minor Civil Engineering contract designed to keep Britain’s rivers, lakes and canals navigable.

Coastal dredging from the Land & Water Company

Coastal Dredging: Land & Water have also successfully carried out several coastal contracts.

Our dredging contracting capabilities include;

Cutter suctionHydrodynamic / Water ErosionFloating ExcavatorPontoon


Cutter Suction: For certain projects the removal and transport of sediments and industrial sludges using pumped techniques can be extremely efficient. Land & Water offer a road transportable suction dredger for these operations.

Land & Water’s 10” cutter suction is the largest single-load suction dredger in Britain and, in the appropriate locations, can achieve some colossal outputs.

Powered along the sea or lake bed by hydraulically operated “star wheels “ or additional surface winches, the dredger “hoovers” sediments from the floor using a cutter/scroll agitation head.  Immediately behind the cutter bar is the hydraulically driven pump that has the capability to push an admixture of water and sediments up to 1,000m without assistance, and further distances with the addition of simple booster-pump stations.

To broaden the market place for this efficient form of dredging Land & Water’s environmental team have been working with regulators on a number of schemes to monitor and record the operations of the dredger, as it undertakes sensitive mudflat regeneration works and estuarial discharge operations.  Sophisticated monitoring buoys and environmental risk management systems have helped demonstrate the positive deployment of the dredger.  A number of repeat customers demand its regular visitation.

Land & Water have retro fitted a bespoke DGPS dredging control system to the vessel to enable maximum outputs and ensure 100% of the dredge areas are covered and trimmed to the appropriate tolerances.

Water Erosion Dredging: Using environmental monitoring and ecological impact models developed specifically by Land & Water Services, the likely effects and advantages of this cost-effective technique can be pre-assessed.  The company is able to assist customers in the complex licensing legislation required to gain approvals for these works.

Once approvals have been gained, Land & Water can undertake tidal and non-tidal hydro-dynamic dredging using one of their road transportable erosion dredgers. Using a patented hydro-dynamic technique, coupled with their own specifically modified spray-bars, Land & Water is able to dredge to depths of 12m and into tight corners, beneath pontoons and around obstructions as demonstrated in the video below.

All dredging is conducted using DGPS positioning and modelling systems which provide real-time position, depth and survey data as the waterway bed profile changes during the dredging process.  In addition, all the required environmental monitoring and on-going mitigation works can be handled by Land & Water.

Amphibious Excavator: This unique piece of equipment enables The Group to deliver complex and sensitive operations where others “fear to tread”.

Originally developed for the swamps of Malaysia this unique machine has been modified to Land & Water’s specification to enable them to deliver difficult and complex works in soft terrain and in water depths of up to 1.2m.

Mobilisation costs are kept to a minimum, as the machine can be moved as a single item (the tracks draw close to the main body for transportation purposes).

Projects already delivered using this method of operation include:

  • Urban watercourse management and clearance where access from the river bank is severely restricted.
  • Windfarm infrastructure, enabling works, working on soft terrain peat bogs
  • Ecological and habitat improvement works for the Environment Agency and Inter-tidal mudflat regeneration works on the South Coast of the UK.

Marina dredging from the Land & Water Company
Pontoon: Land & Water has a combination of long reach excavator pontoon dredgers and work platforms to suit any project.

The Group’s smallest “mini dredger” can access the most inaccessible waterways, whilst their largest back-hoe can move colossal amounts of material at a time.  Knowing how and when to deploy the right long reach excavator pontoon arrangement, and what can be achieved by it, is all part of Land & Water’s knowledge base.

All pontoons and excavators are road transportable (some in multiple loads), enabling delivery anywhere in the world. 

Using sophisticated DGPS control systems, Land & Water records every sweep of the excavators’ arm, deep underwater.  This technology, when coupled with hydrographic surveying operations, 3D modelling and environmental modelling, enables The Group to “zone” excavation strategies underwater and phase works to maximise the reuse of dredged sediments, avoid cross-contamination and reduce waste treatment or disposal costs.

In addition, the DGPS enables excavation to a high degree of accuracy which is essential for complex underwater infrastructure projects (eg. cable and pipe laying, marine structure foundations or underwater demolition operations and wreck recovery).


Dredging operations by Land & Water Services



With over 25 years’ experience in waterway and environmental engineering Land & Water has the foundations, knowledge and experience to meet any challenge.

With a focus on quality and the environment, backed by strong engineering and project management skills mixed with a can do attitude you can rely on The Land & Water Group to find creative and cost effective solutions that work.

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Environmental Policy

In all projects Land & Water try to limit the environmental impact of our activities, reflecting our aims to address this through good environmental practice.

We operate with a commitment to prevent pollution and for continual improvement in our environmental performance.


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