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Our Long Reach Excavator Fleet

Land & Water Plant Hire operate the UK’s largest fleet of long reach excavators, ranging from 3 to 55 tonnes. We are the UK’s leading rental business for these tools, with a wealth of experience and knowledge gained over nearly 4 decades.

Long reach excavators are an important part of the Land & Water tool kit and have been since they were first available in the mid 70s.

There are a wide range of projects that will benefit from the use of a long reach including: quarrying, waterway dredging and maintenance, deep excavation and railways.

Dimensions and specifications are correct at October 2022. Actual models available may vary slightly from these specifications.

Long Reach Excavator History

Richard Melhuish, the Chairman of Land & Water actually coined the term long reach excavator the 1970s and Land & Water has operated the UK’s premier plant hire fleet of long reach hydraulic excavators since that time.

Our first long reach excavator was the Hymac 580 BT Waterway machine, designed with a long arm to facilitate work on and around waterways. These early machines produced by Hymac and built by Powell Duffryn changed attitudes towards hydraulic excavators and they rapidly became a serious alternative to the traditional draglines designs.

By the early 80s Priestman and Ruston Bucyrus VCs (Variable Counterweight) had gained popularity but ultimately proved to be constrained by their design limitations. So the popularity of fully hydraulic long reach machines increased. More reliable machines from Japan’s Hitachi and Komatsu further increased their popularity. These machines use high quality hydraulic fittings and connectors and rarely leak hydraulic fluids in contrast to some of the early Hymac machines. This is especially important to us when working on and around water due to the environmental impact of oil leaks.

Long reach excavators excel at dredging operations where large quantities of material need to be removed from underwater while the plant stays above water. The longer the reach of the excavator the more material can be accessed from one location which is exactly why this type of machine is so popular for dredging requirements within canals and rivers, marinas and lakes.