Maintaining and improving the UK’s rich heritage of diverse waterways

At Land & Water we have over 25 years’ experience in dredging and civil engineering. Our dredging expertise keeps inland waterways and water bodies across the country navigable, functional and in the best environmental shape in order to meet the current Water Framework Directive status.

From lake dredging and pond dredging (for both privately or municipally owned sites) to river dredging and canal dredging, our specialist long reach excavators and floating equipment allow us to access hard to reach places that conventional equipment can’t. We are even able to work in tidal estuarine environments.

We have vast expertise in the permitting and licensing that is required prior to dredging activities for both the Environment Agency (EA) and Marine Management Organisation (MMO).

Additionally, our unrivalled knowledge of material classification, disposal and re-use of ‘wet’ waste materials allows us to offer our clients a one stop dredging solution to deal with the build-up of silt in almost any environment.

Finally, with Land & Water’s highly trained and competent operators and staff we can provide a reliable and quality dredging service for even the most difficult projects.

Steps & Services available

  • Scheme appraisal
  • Sampling, testing and analysis
  • Licensing and consents
  • Options analysis
  • Dredging and disposal
Canal dredging

We are the UK’s largest independent civil engineering company working in the complex environment where land and water meet. We have over 40 years' experience and we have managed complex and sensitive projects in a huge variety of locations. You can trust us to find solutions and deliver the best results for every project.

We also have a well-deserved reputation for innovative re-use of silts, soils and sediments. Our commitment is to re-use and recycle all uncontaminated silt, thereby reducing waste and road miles to leave a light footprint with each project we undertake.

Inland and narrow gauge equipment

Narrow gauge dredging

Narrow Gauge Dredge

Floating backhoe dredger

Floating Backhoe Dredge

Tidal and Marine equipment

Blackfriars pile line dredge

Blackfriars Pile Line Dredge

Galloper windfarm dredge

Galloper Windfarm Dredge

Long Reach Bankside equipment

London Gateway Forshore Dredge

London Gateway Forshore Dredge

Riverside dredge

Riverside Dredge

Specialist Equipment

Specialist dredging

Specialist Dredging

Specialist access dredging

Specialist Access Dredging

Dredging disposal

Dredging Disposal

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