Keeping Britain's waterways navigable

The UK has a rich heritage of diverse waterways.

At Land & Water we understand and are serious about our responsibility to ensure their maintenance and upkeep. This includes managing the effects of climate change through flood and drought, coastal erosion and the pressure of increasing urbanisation.

Our equipment enables us to access hard-to-reach areas, while our expertise is the reason we are the single source contractor to The Canal & River Trust on the National Dredging and Minor Civil Engineering contract designed to keep Britain’s inland waterways navigable.

We don’t just do dredging

Our teams are experts in all stages of the dredging process and you may be pleasantly surprised and relieved to find that we can help you from the earliest inception of a project. Our technical services include:

  • Background impact studies
  • Scheme appraisals
  • Options analysis
  • Chemical testing and analysis
  • Obtaining licenses and consents

It’s a tribute to our commitment to the environment and understanding of the complexities of the work we do that we often work with the regulatory authorities to develop best-practice codes and interpret changing and complex legislation with them.

Canal dredging

We are the UK’s largest independent civil engineering company working in the complex environment where land and water meet. We have over 40 years' experience and we have managed complex and sensitive projects in a huge variety of locations. You can trust us to find solutions and deliver the best results for every project.

We also have a well-deserved reputation for innovative re-use of silts, soils and sediments. Our commitment is to re-use and recycle all uncontaminated silt, thereby reducing waste and road miles to leave a light footprint with each project we undertake.

Land & Water Dredging capabilities include:

Cutter suction dredging

Cutter suction dredging

Using centrifugal pumps and agitators to fluidise sediments and relocate them to lagoons and settlement areas via a pipeline

Backhoe dredging

Backhoe dredging

Using excavators on pontoons or on the land to mechanically excavate sediments and hard bed materials

High viscosity dredging

High-viscosity dredging

Using positive displacement pumps to move stiff sludges (the kind that are used for pumping concrete)

Erosion dredging

Erosion dredging

Using “in-channel deflectors” and guides to accelerate natural scour

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