Backhoe Dredging

Backhoe dredging

Land & Water have a highly developed fleet of specialist excavators designed to undertake a range of mechanical dredging techniques.

The amphibious excavator

This unique piece of equipment enables us to deliver complex and sensitive operations where others fear to tread. Originally developed for the swamps of Malaysia, we saw their potential and had one modified to our specification ensuring they are now perfectly tooled for the UK terrain.

They are our (not so) secret weapon and one of the reasons we have the reputation for delivering difficult and complex projects in soft boggy terrain where no other machine would dare to venture.

Another benefit - the amphibious excavator can be moved as a single item, keeping the cost of mobilisation to a minimum.

Amphibious excavator

The pontoon

A combination of our long-reach excavator pontoon dredgers and work platforms provides the solution for most projects, because of the flexibility and size range of our fleet of hydraulic excavators and matched pontoons.

Knowing how and when to deploy the right long-reach excavator pontoon arrangement is a key part of Land & Water's contribution and knowledge to a project.


A recent project delivered by this equipment:

Wandle weir

Urban watercourse management and clearance where access from the river bank is severely restricted

Satellite technology

To ensure we maximise the re-use of dredged sediments, avoid cross-contamination and reduce waste treatment or disposal costs, we use sophisticated DGPS control systems on our dredgers. These ensure we record every sweep of the excavator's arm even when it’s deep underwater.

Teaming this satellite technology with hydrographic surveying operations, 3D and environmental modelling cleverly enables us to “zone” excavation strategies underwater, thereby minimising the amount of cross-contamination and ensuring we can re-use and recycle the maximum amount of dredge material.

In addition, the DGPS enables excavation to a high degree of accuracy which is essential for complex underwater infrastructure projects including:

  • Cable and pipe laying
  • Marine structure foundations
  • Underwater demolition operations
  • Wreck recovery
  • The sensitive recovery and translocation of sub-sea habitats

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