Waterway Infrastructure and Piling

Waterway Infrastructure & Piling

It’s our mission to improve and enhance the UK’s water networks. We are constantly seeking new and better ways to work with this precious infrastructure. Our skilled teams are experts in a range of techniques they use to carry out this work. This includes piling, earthworks, coffer dams and the provision of specialist equipment.

"We have a unique series of processes and systems that we have developed and honed for over 40 years. They are there to ensure we have the lightest environmental footprint possible. They regulate and audit our actions to ensure we minimise our impact and maximise the environmental gains when managing Britain’s waterways."

James Maclean, CEO Land & Water



Land & Water's piled marine and waterway structures can be found throughout the UK including jetties, walkways, landings, moorings, fender piles, king-pile retaining walls, cofferdams and temporary work structures.



Effective earthworks operations require innovative strategies using specialist plant to achieve simple, sustainable solutions. We have been adapting and modifying specialist plant to deliver earthworks projects for over 40 years. The deeper, more inaccessible and wetter the excavation problem, the more determined our teams are! Some of the latest additions to our toolkit include:

  • Differential Global Positioning Systems
  • Excavator control systems
  • 3D ground modelling
  • Waste classification, testing and zoning

Coffer Dams

Coffer Dams

We offer detailed design, spoil testing, zoning and waste classification.

We carry out pile driving, support-frame installation, excavation, de-watering and spoil removal.

We design, construct, excavate, maintain and remove waste on both land and water sites.

Of course, in some situations these traditional techniques may not be the way forward. For example, we have used sinking caissons in marine works, plus gravity-retaining structures and limpit dams for sub-surface marine works, including quay-wall repairs, locks and sluices.


Land & Water Plant Hire is our toolkit. They are the team that can literally reinvent the wheel (or the bucket) so that it is 100% fit for the job we are asking it to do.

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