Waterway Maintenance Restoration

Waterway Maintenance & Restoration

Mini amphibious excavtor

There are over 2,000 miles of navigable inland waterways that need maintaining across the UK, and thousands of miles of derelict canal that can be restored. Land & Water work with trusts, charities, Government departments, corporates and private individuals who want to find the best way to maintain and restore these important assets.

The work will often be in difficult and hard-to-reach places, so we have developed a range of equipment and techniques to access the parts others can’t. We can work from pontoons on the water or use our unique range of amphibious vehicles to reach boggy and wet terrain.

For 20 years, Land & Water's experts have worked with The Canal & River Trust to carry out this work. Early in 2017, we were appointed as dredging partner of choice for the next 10 years (and hopefully beyond). Read more in this press release.

Since 2000 over 200 miles have been restored by the trust, bringing prosperity to communities and helping local people to lead active, healthy lifestyles.

This is a link to The Trust Website where you can see all its current and potential restoration projects.

Cotswolds canal restoration

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