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Amphibious plant hire

Land & Water first operated amphibious equipment in 1998 and now have the largest fleet of specialist and inland marine equipment in the UK.

Our machines are built to the highest standards, using the latest technology and with an array of sizes available from the Truxor amphibious machine through to the impressive WK 150 Long Reach Amphibious Excavators, we offer a machine for every situation. In fact, we have yet to find a job that we are unable to provide equipment, to solve our customer’s needs.

Amphibious excavators provide the crucial link between land based excavators and floating excavators on pontoons. As a general rule, if the ground is soft and the water is less than 1m deep, then an amphibious excavator is often the most effective machine. Amphibious excavators can be fitted with additional side pontoons for working in deeper water which allow them to excavate against spud legs and give the machine increased stability.

Although they are capable of floating on water, amphibious excavators really come into their own in shallow water or on soft terrain. They can travel and work on ground that no other equipment can and are particularly well suited to working in reed beds, marshland, mudflats, in silt filled ponds and lagoons. Because they are capable of functioning in water of around a metre deep, amphibious excavators can safely work in shallow water without the risk of getting bogged or risk of sinking by tracking into deeper water.

Truxor Weed Cutter


The self-propelled Truxor is ideal for weed cutting, dredging and even bank cutting.

WK20 Amphibious Excavator

WK20 Amphibious Excavator

At just 1.5m wide, this is the smallest amphibious excavator available in the UK, yet offers a reach of over 5m.

P40 Amphibious Excavator

P40 Amphibious Excavator

Perfect for operating in smaller, hard to reach sites it can be transported without a movement order.

WK90 Long Reach Amphibious Excavator

WK90 Long Reach Amphibious Excavator

The easily transported WK90 can access the majority of sites and is very productive with the ability to work in deep water and offering a 10m reach.

WK150 Long Reach Amphibious Excavator

WK150 Long Reach Amphibious Excavator

The superstructure of the WK150 has a maximum outreach of 13m and digging depth of 7m.


Amphibious Excavator applications:

  • Maintenance and cleaning of waterways, lakes, shorelines, ponds, canals
  • Deepening of waterways and river deltas
  • Maintenance and repair of natural environment
  • Flood protection and flood maintenance works
  • Landscape building and protection
  • Accessing difficult strands of water/soft terrain
  • Swamp and wetland construction
  • Highway construction and telephone cable lines through wetlands
  • Tree cutting in boggy environments
  • Reed bed activity

Benefits of using an amphibious excavator from Land & Water:

  • The latest, safest equipment, built and maintained to the highest standards
  • A wide range of machines on offer, no project too difficult
  • Safer to use in tidal areas than other machinery
  • Allows hard to reach, difficult work to be carried out from the intertidal area
  • Allows the clearing of watercourses, where working from the banks is not possible due to access or habitat protection issues such as read beds or boggy and intertidal areas
  • Easy road transportation and the P40 can be moved without the need of a movement order
  • Highly skilled operators available, used to working in the wet conditions
  • Nationwide support service available
  • Standard extras included within equipment spec meet customer requirements with strong focus on environmental issues