With over 40 years' experience, we bring reassurance, innovation, inspiration and future-proof results to projects in the sensitive habitats where land and water meet.

Coastal and waterway management experts

We are award-winning civil and environmental engineering experts who creatively and sympathetically deliver effective solutions for the maintenance and management of the UK’s coastal, canal and river networks.

Whether you are looking for the provision of large-scale amphibious equipment, strategic project planning and delivery for simple and complex projects, advice on habitat and wildlife protection, or simply operational support and training for smaller projects, our team is ready to help.

Today there are increasing variances in climatic and environmental conditions – the occurrence of droughts and flooding being the most well-known examples. Hopefully we have all realised, we hope, that a more responsible attitude towards the protection of our landscapes, waterscapes and wildlife is vital. It’s not the easy option. It calls for inventiveness, creativity and imaginative environmental engineering solutions. These are the very solutions we have been delivering for the last 40 years. We are the largest independent environmental and wet civil-engineering experts in the UK.

Land & Water is a proud dredging partner to the Canal & River Trust

"We are as impressed by their commitment to work in partnership as their investment in new equipment, systems and processes driving both environmental enhancements and commercial benefit."

Simon Bamford, Canal & River Trust

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