Ponds and  Lakes

Ponds & Lakes

Land & Water has restored, improved, enlarged and created over 1,500 lakes and ponds in a variety of environments.

Through a unique co-creation process, we work with you to design your vision. Together, we ensure that the project achieves stunning results and works in harmony with the landscape to enhance the environment.

Relax as we deal with the red tape, including:

  • All visuals and technical specifications
  • All compliance works required during the planning process and to gain regulatory approval
  • Coordinate the essential background studies to support a planning application, including:
    • Waste, ecology, visual impact, noise and traffic
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Here’s a list of the sort of work we do.

  • Selective clearance and scrub management
  • Bulk excavations
  • Dam and embankment construction
  • Landform creation
  • Lake and pond lining
    • Using HDPE liners, geo-synthetic clays (bentonite) or puddle-clay
  • New water control structures
    • Including inlets, outlets, overflows, headwalls, spillways and drain-down systems
  • Aquatic planting, wetland habitat creation and revetment solutions
  • New jetties, landing stages, islands and boat houses
  • Post installation services
    • Includes lake dredging, lake restoration and weed cutting
  • Selective scrub clearance management
  • Enlargement, enhancement or amplifying your view
  • Lake and pond restoration including dredging, sediment recycling, re-use or disposal
  • Dam and causeway repair including leak detection and repair
  • Repairs and replacement for jetties, landing stages, islands and boat houses

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