Land & Water Foundation

Land & Water Foundation

Beyond our day to day project work, we also stand back and look at the wider issues, trends and implications of the changes in our industry and environment.

The Land & Water Foundation was set up by our founder Richard Melhuish in 2015. It aims to be a think tank of highly skilled and experienced industry heavyweights who bring their understanding, knowledge and decades of shared expertise to the common good of water-way management.

A Foundation of Inspired Thinking and Creative Solutions

The Foundation’s remit is to foster, encourage and aid innovation and efficiency within our industry sector. It achieves this by:

  • Carrying out research
  • Examine new opportunities
  • Link with academia to help instigate and contribute to research
  • Providing advice and knowledge to those severely affected, or at risk of, the effects of climate change and related water issues
  • Provide leadership and promote mentorship and knowledge sharing within out company
  • Develop and promote thought leadership within our industry
  • Support and sponsor appropriate causes
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This is a new initiative at Land & Water. If you would like to know more, please contact us by email and one of the Foundation members will get back to you.

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