Waste Re-use and Habitat Creation

Waste Re-Use and Habitat Creation


Waste Re-use

Our recent appointment as sole operators for the Rainham Silt Lagoons on the Thames gives us 152 hectares with a massive capacity of over 1.24 million cubic metres to handle non-hazardous dredged material originating from the Thames and Medway catchments. We are working closely with the RSPB, Natural England and the Environment Agency to safeguard the operational function of the site whilst providing and maintaining its SSSI status. The site complements the well-established neighbouring RSPB site.

Rainham is ultimately about habitat creation. Our recent guest blog for the RSPB explains why and how. The silt lagoons at Rainham have long been a draw for wildlife, and due to their attraction to wetland birds and other wildlife, they were included in the Inner Thames Marshes Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

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"It is my vision that Rainham Marshes is part of our strategy to construct a series of stepping-stones to improve wildlife habitats across the UK. These habitats will be formed by re-using dredged sediments and other soils to re-engineer a string of redundant waste sites, turning wasteland into beautiful and much-needed wildlife havens. This will allow Land & Water to reclaim and re-use silt and other materials from dredging and associated infrastructure projects, thereby contributing to our commitment to work towards a less than 10% disposal policy."

James Maclean, CEO Land & Water



Every project we undertake is underpinned by a strong drive to ensure we leave the landscape and its inhabitants in a better environment than we found them.

Waste re-use and habitat creation are key drivers for every project we undertake. We use our inventiveness, creativity and imagination to do all we can to re-use, recycle and reclaim. This ensures that the natural habitats for the flora and fauna that rely on our waterways are safe.


Waste Re-use

It is not always easy to find inventive and safe ways to re-use and properly dispose of waste from projects. However, we often manage to re-use far greater quantities of waste than originally expected.

In fact, our waste-water re-use expertise has resulted in the ownership and management of several bespoke Environment Agency waste-exemption permits.

Habitat creation

Habitat Creation

Our habitat-creation projects are not just beautiful to look at. They serve a serious purpose.

From the design and construction of bird-nesting habitats to the building of fish passes and fish spawning grounds, and from floating islands to wetland creation, all our projects have a careful eye on water quality and native aquatic planting, as well as the careful consideration of existing and future inhabitants.

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