Bioengineering and Planted Solutions

Bioengineering & Planted Solutions

Sourcing and supplying sustainable engineering solutions is at the heart of Land & Water’s work.

At Land & Water we ensure we use and provide ecologically stable systems to provide a kick-start to the natural habitat at the conclusion of a waterway project.

Erosion control systems, soil stabilisation and soft revetments are used to promote biodiversity. These alternatives to conventional “hard engineered” edges to waterways and channels can be very cost effective and are certainly more attractive than traditional systems.

Our sister company, Terraqua Environmental Solutions, grows, supplies, plans and installs a range of environmental products and solutions in three main sectors: bioengineering, erosion control and water quality.

Our comprehensive range of biodegradable products and systems combat today’s complex and diverse problems associated with erosion control at and near to the water’s edge.

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"We work with natural products and processes to protect and enhance our valuable water habitats from the pressures of climate change as well as increasing development and population growth. We provide help and advice when choosing the correct product, species, method or system to ensure we reduce all kinds of water-quality problems. We also offer weed removal, restoring your lake, pond or other waterway to its natural beauty."

Lynn Puttock, Co-founder Terraqua Environmental Solutions

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