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Our unique equipment and understanding vital yet endangered environments means we have become wetland experts.

Amphibious equipment ensures that we could work in terrains where nothing else will work.

We provide a cradle to grave service including growing and providing aquatic plants, training volunteers to carry on planting and further enhancement works. Visit the Terraqua website.

Hoveton Great Broad

A recent example of our work in wetlands is a project for Natural England we started at the end of 2016. Removing approximately 55,048m3 of sediment from Hoveton Great Broad, Hudson’s Bay, (imagine taking a meter of material from 7 Twickenham sized rugby pitches) to deepen the lakes.


Hoveton Great Broad is one of the largest yet most secret lakes in the Norfolk Broads. It’s a key part of an internationally important wetland landscape and is entirely man-made.


The sediment removed was used to create new areas of fen within Hoveton Great Broad. Making this a waste free project.

Tiered revetments geotextile

This was achieved by using geotextile tubes to create bunded areas.


Reed areas were created and the waterline along the banks of shallow waters were restored. The restoration involved the construction of new banks (retaining structures) and in-lake disposal areas (fen or backfill areas).

Cobnor Point in Chichester Harbour

A constructed wetland for the Associated British Ports.

Breaching the seawall flooded the wetland we created by we constructing new, tidal inlet channels with footbridges for the coastal path. Around 35,000m3 of materials was moved and 3000 tonnes of rock armour scour protection was installed.

Cobnor Point

Cobnor Point Contstructed Salt Marsh Wetland

Cobnor Point 2

Rock Armour placement commences at one of the proposed breach locations

Horsel Common Preservation Society in Woking, Surrey

Transforming a brownfield site into a diverse and complex habitat that included - lakes, ponds, wetlands, boardwalks and bridges, pond dipping and educational facilities, carparks and ancillary infrastructure including a reed-bed effluent treatment system.

Working with the society from the outset we tailored the works to a fixed budget.

Our cradle to grave service included frowing and providing aquatic plants, training volunteers to carry on planting and further enhancement works.

Heather Farm before
Heather Farm after

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