Erosion Control Revetments

Erosion Control & Revetments

There is an urgent and increasing need for sustainable environmental solutions to help arrest the erosion of river banks and the edges of watercourses. Developing durable and sustainable solutions are imperative for our innovation team. When it comes to erosion control, our commitment is that the habitat we leave behind is more durable with greater bio-diversity than the one we inherited.

Creative solutions

Our erosion control expertise draws upon the best use of either hard or soft revetments depending on the project requirement:

Hard Revetments

These permanent structures are often used in high-energy environments where aggressive winds, waves and flows require robust revetments.

A range of options for hard revetments

Vertical walls. Created from sheet or timber piles, conventional masonry walls, or cellular wall systems. Where these walls are built against watercourses or even below the water line, they become a revetment.

Sloped or graded revetments. Generally lower impact and lower cost than a vertical equivalent. Where land is available for this solution, rip-rap (stone blankets), gabions (stone-filled baskets), concrete (interlocking blocks or panels) or open-stone asphalt can be used.

Wooden piling on the Wey
Growing beds

Soft Revetments

Soft revetments are created from sustainably sourced materials, offering malleable and flexible solutions for erosion control. Vertical edges are formed using timber poles combined with a woven geo-fabric retaining structure (Nicospan) or sustainably sourced hazel or willow faggots and bundles as in-fill panels between the poles.

Pre-grown coir mattresses and rolls planted with indigenous species are used to provide an instant living aquatic margin. These sustainable products are propagated and matured in our own 'wet' nursery at Abinger Hammer using spring water from the River Tillingbourne.

In high-energy environments, soft revetments can be combined with traditional details such as gabion baskets, mattresses and reinforced soil structures to offer additional strength and durability, stimulating the habitat.

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