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Sensitive Handling and Strategic Thinking for Salt and Freshwater Projects

Conflicting pressures of flood and drought, together with a responsibility to protect our indigenous and endangered flora and wildlife, means that the UK’s coastlines, rivers, canals, lakes, reservoirs and wetlands need to be nurtured and handled with care.

It takes a 360 approach, an ability to innovate and a depth of knowledge and experience that can only be acquired over time. We ensure all aspects of working in this environment are considered. This is what we offer when we work with you.

Over our 40 years’ of working in the environment where land and water meet we have developed a holistic approach to every project we undertake. This brings enormous benefits and great results.

Our aim is to bring sustainable benefits for you, your project, your community, your stakeholders and the landscape, waterway and its plants and wildlife. We leave the world a better place when we have finished.

To do this we like to be involved at the beginning of the project so we can assess your requirements from our unique perspective and ensure we can deliver:

  • Solutions and efficiencies that bring time and budget savings
  • A clear view of the long-term environmental impact of our work
  • Collaborative advantage
  • Lower impact, sustainable methods
  • Efficient and beneficial reuse, recycle and waste management
  • Ensure red-tape doesn’t get in the way with a unique understanding of the legislative processes involved in all aspects of our environment
  • Ensure the highest levels of safety with skilled teams and well-maintained equipment

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