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Amphibious plant hire

Land & Water first operated amphibious equipment in 1998 and now have the largest fleet of specialist and inland marine equipment in the UK.

Our machines are built to the highest standards, using the latest technology and with an array of sizes available from the Truxor amphibious machine through to the impressive WK 150 Long Reach Amphibious Excavators, we offer a machine for every situation. In fact, we have yet to find a job that we are unable to provide equipment, to solve our customer’s needs.

Amphibious excavators provide the crucial link between land based excavators and floating excavators on pontoons. As a general rule, if the ground is soft and the water is less than 1m deep, then an amphibious excavator is often the most effective machine. Amphibious excavators can be fitted with additional side pontoons for working in deeper waters.

Although they are capable of floating on water, amphibious excavators really come into their own in shallow water or on soft terrain. They can travel and work on ground that no other equipment can and are particularly well suited to working in reed beds, marshland, mudflats, in silt filled ponds and lagoons. Because they are capable of functioning in water of around a metre deep, amphibious excavators can safely work without the risk of getting bogged or sinking.