Excavator Attachments

At Land & Water, we recognise the increasing use of long reach excavators as tool carriers. All our long reach machines are available with low and high flow auxiliary hydraulic circuits which allows us to offer a broad array of attachments. Please see below a selection of what is available for hire with our long reach excavators. If you can’t find the attachment you require please call for further information. All these attachments are approved by our excavator suppliers to be used on their equipment.

Bucket with lid

Bucket with Lid

Land & Water were the first company in the UK to offer lidded or low turbidity buckets. These help reduce turbidity when dredging and are particularly useful on environmentally sensitive sites or when dredging contaminated material.



A clamshell grab attachment fitted with a straight cutting edge to enable it to move pre-dug soil and especially useful for unloading hoppers.



This attachment works just like a thumb, gripping material against the bucket and is a lighter duty alternative to a solid tine grapple.



In conjunction with a UK manufacturer, Land & Water has developed a hoe attachment to allow additional reach to be provided to a long reach excavator.

Tilt rotator

Tilt Rotator

The tilt rotator is an extremely powerful tool that enhances the excavator’s efficiency as it allows the operator to excavate, tilt, and rotate the bucket, or any other attachment, in one simultaneous operation.

Tree shears

Tree Shears

Land & Water offers a variety of tree shears from tools that grab and hold the tree, to simple rotating shears.

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Vibrating plate

Vibrating Plate

These are powered directly by the auxiliary hydraulic system of the excavator.

Post drivers

Post Drivers

This attachment can be used to drive either round or square posts and stakes into the ground.