Safety Systems

If not used correctly even the best marine based excavation and dredging equipment can be dangerous, and that's a fact.

At Land & Water we put safety first. Nothing matters more than that our equipment is used properly and safely - by you, your operators or by our operators.

That's why all our fleet is equipped with:

  • 360° camera systems - 360° cameras are becoming a regular feature on our machines where they are used in an environment where people are required to work around the machines
  • Hose burst check valves - so excavators can safely be used for lifting as well
  • Wider track pads - for low ground bearing pressure
  • Seat belt indicators/Secondary 'dead man' system - the machine will not move until the driver is seated with the seatbelt fastened - a green light on top of the cab indicates this
  • Boom cameras - no need for a banksman
  • Vehicle collision avoidance system - VCAS offer a warning to operators of construction machinery that an object may be in their close vicinity

Electronic dig control:

  • Height limiters - which will ensure you can avoid connecting with overhead restrictions, such as cable, trees or bridges
  • Slew restrictors - essential when working near highways or railways
  • Rated capacity indicators - alerts the operator if the lift is exceeding the safe operating range of the machinery