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In celebration of International Women In Engineering Day today we would like to introduce you to Fiona Moore, a key member of our team who plays a crucial role in driving improvements and bringing about positive change within our organisation. At Land & Water, we are proud to have a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about making a difference in the civil engineering industry.

Fiona's typical day at Land & Water includes pushing forward improvements in various task forces such as carbon reduction and digitalisation whilst collaborating with different departments across the business. Fiona's dedication to making a positive impact is evident in her work. By understanding the needs of every team within Land & Water and identifying areas for improvement, she ensures that everyone's voices are heard and that the necessary changes are implemented. Fiona is also a STEM Ambassador as part of her role at Land & Water. This involves visiting schools and colleges in order to speak to young people about how STEM subjects can link to the real world of work.

When we asked Fiona which areas of her role she enjoys the most she told us: "It's great to be able to offer the time to everyone, across the whole business, to help make the improvements that they have identified but haven't had the capacity to complete. I've really enjoyed gathering and processing data to enable us to make better business decisions, for example, carbon data for footprint calculation or project data for risk and opportunity analysis, I do love a spreadsheet!"

As a female in the civil engineering industry, Fiona is passionate about increasing diversity within this sector. Fiona says: "I believe that we should encourage as diverse a workforce as possible because everyone naturally brings different skills, knowledge and experience to the table, that when shared makes for a stronger team."

To the younger generation of females aspiring to explore a role in the civil engineering industry, Fiona is an inspiration. Having been with Land & Water for over 15 years she is an invaluable member of our team.

Fiona's advice for women who have a future in civil engineering is to: "Treat it no differently from any other industry. Ask around for contacts who can provide guidance and support. There will be people, organisations, and roles that suit your values and skills just as much as there will be ones that don't. Believe in yourself and treat everyone as you would like to be treated. Make sure that you love what you do, you'll be spending many hours at work, you need to enjoy them."

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