Hannah Shattock

At Land & Water, we love watching our team grow and are privileged to be able to support their passions by incorporating them into their career. Whether it be gaining new accreditations, branching out to a new area of the business or championing new initiatives we encourage our employees to make their roles their own.

Hannah Shattock is a key member of the Land & Water team. Hannah joined us in 2016 as a Receptionist at our Albury location, but her journey with us has evolved over time. By taking time to fine-tune her skills during employment and focusing on her passion for well-being and mental health within the construction industry, Hannah has transitioned into the role of HR/HSQE Admin and Training Coordinator, making a significant impact on our internal processes.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Hannah took the opportunity to further her education. She studied courses on HR, mental health, and construction. Her dedication and determination allowed her to break away from the reception role and return after COVID doing something she felt more connected to. Additionally, Hannah took on the responsibility of Training Coordinator, which means she now manages and books all of the training for the company and its employees.

A day in the life of Hannah includes a dynamic mix of responsibilities. Mornings involve contacting training providers to schedule sessions. While afternoons are focussed on HR, HSQE, and wellbeing content for the business's internal forum.

Hannah says: "I am incredibly proud of the wellbeing forum. This was something I really wanted to create back in 2019 but it only really came together in 2021 and has grown and grown since.' The forum offers collaborative advice and resources to help Land & Water's employees with topics such as money management, fitness, and mental health. It also acts as a space where remote colleagues can converse and get to know each other more."

When asked about her advice for those aspiring to join the industry, Hannah says: "Stick with it. Working in the industry is rewarding and innovative. It's a chance to use your creativity and make a difference." Hannah is a great example of how you can develop your role to reflect your changing passions without switching industries completely.

Hannah told us that her favourite parts of working at Land & Water are the people within the company as well as how the business cares for its employees. On another note, she adds: "utilising sustainable business practices is one of the biggest ways we are going to save our planet and seeing first-hand people's opinions sway to pro-sustainability shows Land & Water is on the right path."

Hannah Shattock's journey at Land & Water is a testament to her determination, growth and commitment towards creating a positive work environment. Her role as HR/HSQE Admin and Training Coordinator plays a crucial part in shaping the success of our team.

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