Land and Water's Saltmarsh trials

Following successful trials at Chichester Harbour earlier this year (read more here), we are thrilled to be able to offer our innovative sediment drag box technology for bulk restoration of saltmarsh and intertidal habitats. This groundbreaking solution promotes marine conservation and offers a more environmentally sensitive alternative to dumping at sea.

Inspired by traditional steam drag boxes, our model takes it to the next level with a hydraulic winch attached to a 28-tonne excavator. Depending on the silt density, it can move between 5 and 10m3 of nutrient-rich sediments at a time.

Our primary objective is to support marine conservation by re-using nutrient-rich sediments in the correct habitats, we can foster the growth of saltmarsh and intertidal areas, that are essential for promoting and maintaining marine biodiversity.

One key advantage is this method offers an alternative to dumping the material at sea. Instead, our drag box ensures sediments are purposefully used in hospitable areas, enhancing ecological systems and natural habitats, contributing significantly to marine ecosystem preservation.

We are proud to work alongside our sister company, @EarthChange, on innovative solutions that are designed for industry-wide implementation, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility.

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