James Thompson

We're excited to introduce you to one of the newer members of our team at Land & Water - James Thompson, our Graduate HR Advisor. James joined us in September 2022, bringing his passion for making a difference and providing a fresh perspective to our company.

James' journey into the world of HR was driven by a desire to make a positive impact on people's lives. As he puts it, "Employees are the lifeblood of any company, and being in a position to have an impact on employees for the better, fills me with joy." James' philosophy resonates deeply with our company's values, which is why he embarked on an exciting career at Land & Water.

Every day for James begins with a picturesque commute through the enchanting Surrey Hills, setting the tone for his day ahead. By 8:50, he's already settled at his desk, armed with a cup of coffee, ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities that await. In the dynamic world of HR, no two days are the same. James' responsibilities range from updating policies and procedures, managing apprenticeships, and creating employee induction processes to drafting employment contracts.

One of James' sources of pride at Land & Water is his role within the Wellbeing team. He says: “I am a proud member of the Wellbeing team and have thoroughly enjoyed putting out my first few articles on the Wellbeing forum for all employees at Land & Water to read. I think there is something very rewarding about contributing to a function that is there to support employees through tough times, especially at the moment with the current cost of living crisis and fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

For those aspiring to join the HR field, James emphasises the significance of gaining practical experience. He believes that hands-on work experience provides insights and skills that cannot be replicated through academic studies alone. The varied nature of HR work demands firsthand knowledge, making early experiences in an office environment invaluable.

When we asked James his favourite thing about working here, he told us: “I really like the family feeling at Land & Water. As a fairly recent new starter myself, I very quickly felt part of the team and was welcomed and supported by all. Everyone is friendly and approachable, and the ethos of the company caring for its people can be felt in every aspect of the organisation.”

James also tells us that working for a business that places a high value on minimising its environmental impact is of great significance to him, and he finds it fulfilling to be part of a team that actively contributes to this cause.

Away from work, James has undertaken the remarkable feat of walking the entire distance between London and Birmingham on two separate walks, both starting from his hometown of Banbury. This adventurous spirit reflects his willingness to embrace challenges and embark on journeys both inside and outside the office.

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