Kevin Kirtland

Kevin Kirkland, the Managing Director of Land & Water Services has over five years of dedicated service to our company under his belt and has played an integral role in our success and growth. In this blog, we'll get to know Kevin better, his passion for the civil engineering industry, his daily responsibilities, and what makes Land & Water a remarkable place to work.

The Drive Behind the Career Choice

Kevin's journey into the world of civil engineering stems from a lifelong fascination with construction and a desire to be part of an industry that makes a tangible impact. He says “I think the civil engineering industry is one of the most diverse and interesting to be involved with. It can be extremely challenging but also very rewarding.”

A Day in the Life

Like in many of Land & Water's roles, no two days for Kevin are alike. His responsibilities range from leadership and management duties to addressing project-related issues and nurturing relationships with our diverse clientele. Kevin also dedicates time to developing a strategic plan for the sustainable growth of Land & Water as a company.

Achievements at Land & Water

Kevin takes immense pride in the exceptional team at Land & Water. He sees our people as the heart and soul of our organisation and says, “We have an exciting, talented and professional team who truly care for the environment they work within.”

Advice for Aspiring Professionals

To those aspiring to enter the civil engineering industry, Kevin offers a simple yet profound piece of advice: Get involved! He tells us “The civil engineering sector has so much to offer and there are a wealth of diverse roles and career paths. I've been in this industry now for almost 28 years and although there have been tough periods, the successes have far outweighed them. It's an industry you can truly be proud to be part of.”

Favourite Aspect of Land & Water

What sets Land & Water apart, according to Kevin, is our willingness to innovate and embrace new ideas, techniques, and technologies to solve our clients' challenges. This forward-thinking approach keeps us at the forefront of our industry.

Sustainability is a key part of our mission to 'Deliver, Maintain, and Sustain the UK's Natural Capital'. Kevin attests that the most important part of this is how sustainable behaviours are built into the decisions we make and business objectives we set. He says “This is what we are about. It is who Land & Water is”.

Beyond his role at Land & Water Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife and two teenage boys, running, and watching the rugby!

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