Nick Lunn

At Land & Water, we pride ourselves on our dedicated team of professionals working towards our mission of protecting and improving the environment. One integral member of our team is Nick Lunn, our Associate Director of IT. Nick joined us in June 2012 and has since played a pivotal role in building our IT department. We spoke to Nick in order to find out more about his role at Land & Water.

When asked about his career choice, Nick says, "Prior to working at Land & Water I didn't have any real knowledge of the civil engineering industry, but I was drawn to the large-scale projects and the environmental work that Land & Water was undertaking. A passion for making a positive impact on the environment has been a driving force throughout Nick's career and means he fits into our team perfectly.

As the first in-house IT employee at Land & Water, Nick had the opportunity to shape and develop the IT department. Today, he oversees the entire IT function for the company. He also sits on the company board which enables him to influence core processes and direction. Nick's typical day involves managing projects, providing technical input, and ensuring the smooth operation of our extensive IT network, which includes our offices, site offices, and home-based workers. He also takes charge of various services such as telephony, office and site communications, print estate, and security services. Nick's an invaluable part of our team when it comes to keeping us up to date and ensuring data handling and technology projects run as smoothly as possible.

Going forward Nick says, "Over the next few months we're really starting to expand on our use of Microsoft 365; making use of workflows, automation, AI, and business intelligence to help drive down waste, create efficiencies, and support the Group's five-year plan. It's exciting to be part of something big, working with cutting-edge technology, and knowing that the work I'm putting in is making a difference on the ground."

When we asked Nick his advice for people entering the industry he told us: "From an IT perspective, there are similarities in the way IT is done across all sectors, but within the civils and construction sector you get to see some really exciting things that you wouldn't get from a purely office-based role; large land-forming projects, creations of new habitats, construction of new marinas, and generally witnessing the company leave the land (and water) in a better condition than it started in."

"An IT based role within Land & Water provides exciting challenges that really focus on the businesses ability to undertake these works all over the country, with instant access to documentation and process, smart internet solutions for remote areas, and providing the means for all employees to communicate and work wherever they are."

Nick's favourite thing about Land & Water is "the company's unwavering commitment to protecting and improving the environment, as well as its dedication to caring for its people." This alignment with Land & Water's core values reinforces Nick's passion for his role which is part of the reason we do what we do!

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